Capital Region Employment and Life Skills Mentors, LLC

Other Services

- "Mentors" is available for Employment and Life Skills training of school or agency groups, ages 13-30. Employment sessions include resume development, the application process, what to expect in a job interview as well as employability skills and workplace expectations. Life Skills sessions include building social skills, community access and resources, understanding personal finances including basic budgeting and making purchases and building organizational skills.

- Mentors can assist with job coaching and/or extended work skill lessons once an individual gets hired, or if they already have a job. Individuals should plan on this extended service (2-4 months) once they have been hired for a job.

- Mentors can also facilitate and provide services during full or half-day community outings, activities or field trips for either one or more individuals. Outings include museums, sporting events, movies, concerts, grocery/clothes/personal items shopping, social events and/or any other appropriate activity/event.


             *These services are available based on the current schedule. Please email or call for availability.