Capital Region Employment and Life Skills Mentors, LLC

Philosophies and Expectations

I believe in working with individuals to try to make positive decisions given their real-world circumstances. I also assist individuals with building confidence with short-term goals in order to try and reach their long term goals. Within my professional and personal experiences, I have observed individuals to envision a goal but they need guidance to get there. 

Although I have several years of professional experience, I believe my strongpoint to be the person-to-person conversation: how do I assist an individual to understand the options and outcomes to their decisions, and how can  I help them define what responsibility, pride, confidence and independence means for them. I have a patient and caring approach, and have also come to understand people from various backgrounds and origins.

Expectations for Each Individual

- Be open to advice. I will give honest constructive feedback based on your comfort level.

- I expect clients to participate fully, give effort and adhere to the schedule that was reviewed with him/her.