Capital Region Employment and Life Skills Mentors, LLC

Service Delivery and Rates

- The process to begin services is quite simple. Once I receive a request for services, I will meet with a client (typically an individual and their parent, or the leader of a group/agency) at their home or a common meeting place (library/office). This is called the initial assessment.  This is a time when I get to know the client(s) receiving services. I then complete a one page form, asking pertinent information about the client(s), including name, address, diagnoses, educational background, emergency contact information, etc. I then review available services as well as a disclaimer and consent form for services. The client will then discuss goals they want to achieve. Once a client agrees to receive services, a personalized schedule of service time is set-up. There is no charge for this initial assessment.

 -Rates can be requested through email or by phone. A final price of services will be discussed during the initial assessment and development of a contract.

-Capital Region Employment and Life Skills Mentors, LLC and it's members are fully insured.