Capital Region Employment and Life Skills Mentors, LLC


Individuals can choose any combination of services below. I provide services to individuals ages 13-30.

See "Service Delivery/Rates" for how to begin services.


1)     What is “work” and why is it necessary?- Reviewing what role work has in our lives including social and financial reasons

2)     Employability Skills- What training, work experiences and skill set do you have that makes employment possible?

3)     Accessing Job Information- using newspapers, internet, businesses, making “cold calls”

4)     Resume Writing- using previous work/volunteer experiences to set you apart

5)     Application Process- where to get applications, what to write and how to submit them

6)     Interview Preparation- looking professional, speaking clearly, eye contact, asking questions, what happens during an interview

7)     Following Up- what happens after an interview and how to approach the business

8)     You Got An Offer- what steps typically take place after you are told you have a job

9)     Workplace Expectations- preparing for the first day, understanding what role you have and the responsibility placed on you in the workplace

10)  Turning “We’re Not Hiring” or not hearing back into a positive- staying focused and positive to learn from these types of experiences

Life Skills:

1)     Positive social relationships- peer to peer, within groups, understanding people (we hold a "Night Out" once per month for individuals- this involves a social activity/outing paired with a meal of some type)

2)     Importance of morals and ethics- also learning about trust and taking responsibility for our actions and words 

3)     Decision making, problem solving and coping skills

4)     Community access and resources- activities, events, places of interest

5)     Time Management/Organizational Skills- utilizing a personal calendar to chart medical appointments, work schedules and upcoming events

6)     Hygiene Routines and Self-Presentation

7)     Personal Finance- understanding a paycheck, check writing, balancing a bank account, budgeting for “fun” and bill paying, making purchases, credit

8)     Public Transportation- learning about bus, train and plane schedules, access, booking tickets and safety.

9)     Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles

10) Using multi-media- telephone use (how to prepare for and hold a conversation over the phone), internet, movies/music, newspapers, magazines